Who am I?

I’m an energetic, entrepreneurial creative/creative leader. I’m driven by George Lois’ dictum that “the accurate measure of a human being is what he or she actually gets done.” I’m passionate about creativity, whatever form it takes and stuff I’ve “got done” so far includes big ad campaigns, digital/social integrated thingies, apps, ambient stunts, direct, retail, promo work…and a life-saving porn film. I write a blog called Ant’s Melderings. I’ve run punk fanzines, written articles for GQ, launched a nationwide magazine and had a book published. I speak conversational Cantonese and I love books, boxing and Bruce Springsteen. I’ve won lots of awards but the biggest thrill for me is having ideas and building a collaborative culture where they are cherished, championed and turned into brilliantly-crafted reality.


  • Work awarded/recognised at D&AD, One Show, Cannes Lions, Campaign Big, Clios, Spikes, FWA, IAB, MAA etc.
  • Major contribution to multiple Agency of the Year awards at my last four agencies.
  • Member of the AWARD Committee, helping to nurture, drive and champion creativity in Australia.
  • Voted ‘Most Inspirational Leader’ in the Saatchi X global network 2010.
  • One of four (out of 400) employees of the year at M&C Saatchi 2014.
  • Created a life-saving porn film that’s been viewed over 35 million times.
  • Co-founder and editor of Turban Guerrilla, the magazine for British Asians.
  • Co-wrote the book on digital marketing, Marketing Your Creativity (2004).
  • Director of The PatientSafe Network, a group which champions safer medical environments, processes and equipment.


Executive Creative Director, Host/Havas Sydney

Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

Creative Director, M&C Saatchi Sydney

Creative Director, Iris London

Deputy Creative Director, Iris London

Voted ‘Most Inspirational Creative Leader’ in the Saatchi X global network.

Creative Director, Saatchi X.

Creative Group Head, Saatchi X

Creative, Saatchi & Saatchi/Saatchi  X (Saatchi’s integrated/retail agency).

Freelance copywriter. Spent extended periods at Agency.com and M&C Saatchi’s digital dept. Also did stints at Wunderman, Ogilvy One, The Attik, Saatchi Design. Co-wrote ‘Marketing Your Creativity’ with Matt Perry.

Moved back to London to launch the magazine for British Asians, Turban Guerrillla.

Joined Virtual Creative Department (VCD), where I worked for George Betsis and Siimon Reynolds.

Moved to Sydney, did AWARD School and completed George Betsis’ VCD Masterclass, then started out in advertising proper – my first agency was McCann-Erickson Sydney.

Did the D&AD Workshop and fell in love with ideas.

Left school aged 16. Tea-maker/lunch picker-upper/data entry dufus/stock image finder/errand runner/general dogsbody, then – after much begging, badgering and coercing – junior writer, at various BTL agencies.


other stuff

• I’ve been studying Cantonese for 15 years. Speak/understand to a decent conversational level (although after all that time you’d think I’d be a bit better than I am!).
• Completed the Decoded Coding course in 2013.
• I’ve written for national press titles, including several pieces for GQ magazine.